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Acupuncture Appointments

Acupuncture sessions involve a consultation about your symptoms, your health goals and your main priorities, we discuss your medical background and any supplements or pharmaceutical medication you are taking. 

Chinese medicine diagnostics include assessing your tongue, feeling your pulse and abdomen to identify imbalances and formulate an individualised treatment plan for your specific needs.  

These sessions can include a herbal prescription if required, supplementation if required,  moxibustion, cupping and gua-sha techniques.

(Herbal formulas are charged at extra cost per gram varying between $20-30 weekly)​

  • New patient 55 mins.  $120

  • Return patient 45 mins. $75

  • Paediatrics 12 years and under. 30-40 mins. $65

  • New patient 5 week package. $365  (normally $420)

  • Return patient 5 week package. $320 ( normally $375)

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture with gua-sha and anti ageing rife frequencies. 90mins. $170

Acupuncture Tools

Herbal Review

These appointments are for returning patients only, wanting a herbal review and formula without body work. These sessions can be via Skype or phone or in person.

During a herbal consultation we will discuss your current symptoms, any changes that have occurred, tongue and pulse diagnostics, and review your herbal medicine script. 

Herbs are charged by the gram and can vary depending on the formula. Usually a herbal script is between $20-30 weekly depending on your needs.

Herbs are prescribed specifically for your requirements and Chinese medicine diagnosis, prescriptions can change weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your condition. 

  • Return patients herbal review -15 mins.  $55​

Medicinal Herb

Frequency Medicine Sessions

Our rife machine or otherwise know as Spooky 2, is a  bio-feedback frequency machine. It is able to scan the body and detect imbalances, viruses, pathogens, fungus, mould or harmful bacteria that can lead to chronic inflammation and long term health issues. We then run specific frequency programs that will directly target these pathogens healing imbalances and bringing the body back to homeostasis. 
This treatment method is particularly effective in managing bacterial, viral, pathogenic and parasitic loads in the body, EMF over load, lymes disease, other tic and mosquito born illnesses, immune support, auto immune and chronic illness, microbiome imbalance, gut heath, hormonal and endocrinological support, systemic inflammation and inflammatory diseases.


  • 60 minute session. $100​

  • 90 minute session. $150

  • 120 minute session. $180

Cancellation policy

Same day cancellations or no-shows are non refundable.
To reschedule please modify appointments 12
 hours prior to your scheduled session via your
confirmation email or alternatively email 
12 hours prior to your appointment
All bookings are made online according to our availability.
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