Acupuncture sessions involve an initial discussion about your symptoms

and previous medical history including any supplements or pharmaceutical medications you are taking. 

Tongue and pulse diagnostics along with your symptom picture 

are used to identify your main priorities.

These sessions can include a herbal prescription, moxibustion,

cupping and gua-sha techniques depending on what is required.

(Herbal formulas are charged at extra cost per gram

varying between $20-30 weekly)

New patients 60 mins.  $110

Return patients 50 mins. $75

Paediatrics (12 years and under) 45 mins. $65

5 week package (5 sessions over 5 consecutive weeks)

 New patients $335

Return patients $300

Herbal medicine only appointment 

These appointments are for patients just wanting a herbal script

without any body work.

During a herbal consultation we will discuss your current

symptoms, your medical history, go through any medications or

supplementation your taking and use tongue and pulse diagnostics.

Herbal medicine prices are charged by the gram and can vary between

$20-30 weekly depending on what is required.

I prescribe herbs specifically for your requirements, prescriptions can

change weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your case.  

(Online and phone consults are available if necessary

for return patients).

New patients 25 mins. $65

Return patients 15 mins.  $45

Cosmetic Acupuncture and facial gua sha

These sessions are the Chinese medicine equivalent

to a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.

Using acupuncture and gua sha techniques to smooth fine

lines and wrinkles, promote collagen and elastin production

and slow down the signs of ageing and skin damage. 

These sessions leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated

and looking refreshed, plumped and glowing.

60mins. $125

private health fund rebate receipts are available

for all providers except for HCF health funds.

cancellation fees apply if appointments are cancelled less than

24 hrs prior to your appointment time

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