Acupuncture sessions with me involve an initial discussion about your symptoms

and previous medical history. I will ask you about supplements or pharmaceutical medications you are taking and use both tongue and pulse diagnostics

to identify your main priorities.

Acupuncture is relaxing and shouldn't cause any pain or discomfort.

 I use very gently needle techniques and fine Japanese and Korean

acupuncture needles. 

These sessions can also include a herbal prescription, moxibustion,

cupping and gua-sha techniques depending on what is required.

(Herbal formulas are charged at extra cost per gram varying between $20-30 weekly)

New patients 60 mins.  $110

Return patients 50 mins. $75

Herbal medicine only

These appointments are people that do not want an acupuncture session.

During a herbal consultation I go through questioning with you about your

symptoms, take your medical history, use tongue and pulse diagnostics and

discuss any supplements or medications you are also taking

Herbal medicine prices are charged by the gram and can vary between

$20-30 weekly depending on what is required.

I prescribe herbs specifically for your requirements, prescriptions can

change weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your case.  

Online and phone consults are available if necessary.

New patients 25 mins. $65

Return patients 15 mins.  $45


private health fund rebate receipts are available

for all consultations